Origin : Turkey

Utility : Guardian and pastor

ACW Classification : Group I

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    Historical summary : Occupying the Turkish territory there are three different races native country. Along with the Akbash breed include Kangal and Kars . Although at first the American and European designated the same name for the three races (Anatolian shepherd dog), whereas among the three only varied color and small details that did not differentiable; then in 1996 was held at the, University of Konya an international symposium promoted the distinction between the three races of Turkish cattle dogs protectors. Now they considered separate races and there is an international association of Akbash.

    Behavior : is a quiet, active and strong dog

    cranial region

    Skull : round and Big
    Head : is not very big and not very heavy.

    facial region

    Nose : Black
    Muzzle : is not very elongated
    lips : Set tightly to the jaw when the mouth is closed lips clog up below.
    Jaws / Teeth : The teeth are white and strong, the bite is scissor.
    Eyes : black
    Ears : the have fallen and triangular.
    Neck : is not very large, well muscled.
    Body : well developed
    Back : muscular and has a small curve.
    Chest : Wide and muscled
    Cola : Long and fall to the hock, has long hair and never lift more often the line of your body.


    The well has dasarrollados, his shoulders are well placed, the bones of their forelimbs are elongated and round.


    Leg : developed and long bone must be strong to give good resistance when doing their work in the field.
    Feet : Rounded, black nails and resistant pads.
    Movement : it has a smart move
    Hair : There are 2 kinds of Akbash, one long hair and short hair
    Color : White

    Size and Weight :

    Males: 71-86 cm, 40 to 60 kg
    Females : 70-79cm, 39-50 kg

    Defects of this race:

    • Smaller than established
    • Aggressive
    • Fearful
    • Other color than white
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