American Bulldog

Rasa recunoscuta oficial doar in cadrul ACW

PROVENANCE : United States

USE : Watchdog and company.

  • Descriere

    Historical summary: The breed descends directly from the, now extinct, of the original nineteenth-century England bulldog dogs. After World War II, the American bulldog was also virtually extinct, but some breeders rescued the breed. The original bulldog was preserved by working class immigrants who brought with them their dogs to work south of the United States. Farmers used the dog "off road" for various tasks including guard and hunting. The bulldog was the only means of settlers to deal with the overpopulation of wild pigs. These dogs were considered a race as such in the way that today are considered mediantes their standards; at that time they were considered a generic type of bulldog. There were no pedigree records or mixtures, they are reproduced based on their usefulness for work. fighter returning home decided to resurrect this breed. Eventually reproduced race leading to the old working dog that was registered as American Pit Bulldog

    TEMPERAMENT : A dog with good temperament and protector of its territory and its owner. It has an average size and is sporty with a balanced character. The male is larger than the female and more compact and robust.

    Cranial region :

    Skull : It 's long , flat
    Head: Large and heavy


    Nose : Black, though it may be brown.
    Muzzle : It is medium - sized, square, long and thick.
    Lips are thick and without hanging
    Jaws / Teeth : Strong teeth and jaw in scissor. It is quite strong and the teeth are not seen when the mouth is closed.
    Eyes : Round medium size, its most prized color is dark brown with black outline.
    Ears : Whole and half size. The average has fallen.
    Neck : Fairly muscular half - length, flattens when approaching the shoulders, some folds are accepted.

    BODY :

    Back : Strong
    Loin : Broad, strong and compact
    Chest : width and depth but the width is exaggerated.


    Shoulders : Muscled with long blades and some outgoing, prevents elbows turning outwards.
    Pastern : strong and straight, a slight curve is accepted.


    Thigh : Strong
    Knee : Round and remarkable touch
    Cola: Full, thick at base and narrow down to the tip. Eb is not rolled tip.
    Leg : Rounded
    FEET : Strong and powerful
    MOVEMENT : His greatest movement of the hind legs. When the dog trotra his steps are fluid and powerful.
    HAIR : Short and smooth sticking to your body
    COLOR : You can have various colors: black, white and red, brindle or brown.


    Males : 57-67 cm, 35-55 kg.
    Females : 53-65 cm, 30-45 kg.


    • Aggressiveness
    • Smaller than marked
    • Head small compared to the body
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