Dog argentinian

Origin : Argentina

Utility : for hunting, company and guardian.

ACW classification : Group V

  • Standard preluat de pe site-ul ACW

    Historical summary: This breed is originally from the Province of Córdoba, Mediterranean region of Argentina. Its creator was Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, born in Cordoba in 1907 and died in 1956, an eminent surgeon and active. His work was based upon the methodical crossbreeding of the "Old Fighting Dog of Cordoba", copy it of great power and strength, a product of miscegenation, which by then was made between copies of the Bull-Dog and Bull-Terrier breeds. He chose for breeding, all white copies without undershot, with heavy head, long snout. His strength, toughness, smell and bravery make it unique within the hounds of hounds for hunting wild boars, peccaries, pumas and other predatory species of agriculture and livestock inhabiting the vast and heterogeneous areas of the Argentinean territory.

    Behavior : To be silent, never barking on the trail, smell good, agile, strong, rustic and above all courageous things.

    It should never be aggressive with humans, a feature that will be severely observed. It must deliver to his master unconditionally and unreservedly.

    cranial region

    Skull : Solid, convex in the direction transverse antero posterior and by the reliefs of the masticatory muscles and neck.
    Head : strong aspect and not usually heavy.

    facial region

    Nose : Intensely pigmented in black, wide nostrils.
    Muzzle : the same length as the skull, with its concave top line
    Lips : taut, free borders, black pigmented, never pendulums.
    Jaws / Teeth : They are composed of well developed and strong jaws properly placed, without undershot or overshot, with healthy, large and usually implanted teeth. : A complete denture is recommended. The scissor bite accepting pincer.
    Eyes : Medium size, almond shaped, dark or hazel, with lids preferably pigmented black.
    Ears: High and laterally insertion, with well apart, due to the width of the skull. Functionally, they should be cropped and erect, in triangular shape and a length that does not exceed 50% leading edge of the auricle of the natural ear.
    Neck : Thick, arched, skin very thick throat, forming wrinkles with soft folds without forming jowls. The elasticity of the neck skin is that the cellular tissue is very loose.
    Body : Rectangular. The body length (measured from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the ischium) can overcome only up to ten percent of its height at withers, not more.
    Back : Very strong, with great muscular relieves.
    Loin : Short, wide, large muscles.
    Croup : Broad and strong.
    Chest : Broad and deep. Seen from the front and profile, should exceed the breastbone down line elbows, thereby giving maximum breathing capacity. Thorax along with moderately curved ribs.
    Cola : high middle position, has a saber, thick and long, extends to the hock without exceeding it .


    Shoulders : Oblique, with great muscular contours without exaggeration scapula.
    Forearm : Of equal length the arms and perpendicular to the ground, robust and straight bone with good muscle development.


    Thigh : Provided the whole. Strong, with significant muscular development in sight.
    Knee : With good inclination.
    Leg : Slightly shorter than the upper thigh, strong and muscular.
    Hock : The tarsus joint metatarsus is short, strong and firm, ensuring powerful propelling of the hind limb. Tarso robust, with the tip of hock
    Feet : Similar to the above but somewhat smaller and slightly longer maintain the same characteristics.
    movement :Agile and firm, with noticeable modification when showing interest in something, when it becomes erect and quick reflexes, typical of the breed changes. Leisurely pace. Extended trot, good front suspension and a powerful rear propelling. In the gallop it shows all his energy and develops all the power he possesses. His movement is quick, safe in the walk, trot or gallop.
    Hair : Short, smooth and soft. Thickness and density of the hair depends on the weather.
    Color : Completely white.

    Size and Weight :

    Males : 62-68 cm,
    Bitches : 60-62 cm, 

    Defects of this race:

    • Aggression or extreme shyness
    • Deafness
    • Lack of typicality
    • Long hair 
    • Truffle brown
    • Patches of hair on the body
    • More than one patch on the head
    • undersized or greater than the established
    • Different colored eyes or zarcos
    • Lack of sexual dimorphism
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