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    General Features:

    Kangal is Known to be one of The most well-known, livestock guardian dogs in Turkey. A Kangal can chase a wolf for miles in order to repel attack and neutralize it, Which is a distinguishing characteristic of Kangals, Known worldwide and make them to be prefered for livestock protection. Kangals are vigilant, always alert and high levels of POSSESS They intelligence, courage and power to secure the herd of livestock against predators. Kangals mainly eat from the sub-province Kangal, located in the city of Sivas, Turkey; mainly found in the plateaus, some are located in the northern Also part of Central Anatolia to Marmara region. In Addition, Kangals are as family dogs ADOPTED in many country clubs around the world due to Their kind, tolerant attitudes towards children and Their territorial nature. Kangals are intuitive and are suitable for working all day in the fields. They are not to be kept on a chain or work under command of humans since they're free spirited dogs.

    Physical Characteristics:

    Have eyes are slanted and distintive eye-sockets. Eye color ranges from amber (honey-colored) to black. Tip of the nose is black. Looked face is square shaped When viewed from front and it gets thinner towards tip of the nose. The stop on the face is slightly apparent. The spiral tail is common. The coat is attached to body Firmly and you bilayer structure. The hair length changes Depending the seasons. The hair color varies from light cream to dark gray-steel; Besides, brindle, red and black colored tones as well Could be seen. The cheeks dangle down till the upper lip covers the lower lip. Usually Kangals kohl eyes Have and arc-shaped line on eye brows That Give them a vivid and royal look. The posture of neck and skyline With 45 intersects degree angle.


    Shoulder length for adult diseases are Between 78-80 cm and weight are 55-65 kg. Shoulder length of 85 cm and weight of 75 kg are Also seen. As for adult females, the shoulder length 65-75 cm are Between and weight are 50 -60 kg. The shoulder length of 80 cm and weight of 65 kg for females are Also seen.

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