ORIGIN: Bulgaria


Sheepdogs, Cattle and herdsman.

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    HISTORICAL SUMMARY: The Karakachan, or Thracian Mollos is a breed of dog originating in Bulgaria as a mountain shepherd dog. The name of the breed comes from the Karakachans, nomadic shepherds Greeks in the Balkans. Thanks to the traditions of conservation grazing animals races, have managed to preserve some of the oldest breeds of domestic animals of the continent, the Karakacha sheep, horse and dog race Karakachan. In the past, this mountain dog was used in the country's borders as a watchdog; today it is mainly used as livestock guardian and property, ranking the largest populations of this breed in Bulgaria and the United States. The Karakachan was approved as old Bulgarian race in 2005. You can descend from ancient domestic dogs from the Balkans, from the time of the Thracians; in ancient Thracian treasures found figures of great watchdogs, long hair and curly tails. Also part of the origin of the Bulgarian shepherd (in: Bulgarian Shepherd) with which should not be confused.

    BEHAVIOR: good with his owner and children, it is very protective of their territory and what is inside it. It is very good guardian of the property and livestock, worked, and both very cheerful eager to play.


    Skull: In proportion to the head and compact flat bones and hard,

    Head: wide, flat, slightly curved front, almost flat. browridges are pronounced.

    FACIAL REGION: Nose: Black,

    OCIC: powerful, decreasing slightly in the nose,

    lips: lips well pigmented and above are slightly hanging

    Jaw / Teeth: Healthy, large and white with a normal set of 42 pieces teeth. Scissor bite. The incisors are arranged in a slight arc,

    Eyes: black, rounded and shocking look

    Ears:. Furred triangular shape, falls and,

    NECK: Powerful, of medium length, well muscled with a slightly curved neckline, apparently it is extending to the trunk.

    BODY: muscular and stocky aspect Back: broad, slightly oblique, C

    hest: broad and deep

    TAIL: long to hock, is covered with hair, usually raise a little but never settles on the back.


    Shoulders: firmly attached to the trunk and covered with big muscles.

    HINDQUARTERS: Thighs: remarkable touch and muscular leg: muscular, Feet: rounded, strong nails with clear and well positioned pads.

    MOVEMENT: rational, not consume excess energy available to a wide step. Features trot mild attack quiet and elastic.

    HAIR: Long all over the body, the shorter face and extremities

    COLOR: All colors are allowed

    SIZE AND WEIGHT: Males: 63-75 cm, 70kg Females: 60-69 cm, 65 kg DEFECTS IN THIS RACE: Chest underdeveloped. Broken teeth. Aggressiveness and fearful. Colored eyes. Colors that are not within their race NOTE .: • Males should have two testicles fully descended into the scrotum appear normal. • Only functionally and clinically healthy dogs, with breed typical conformation, should be used for breeding.

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